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I'm a British photographer who loves houses, buildings, interiors, architecture, I'm fascinated by them.


I grew up wanting to draw, to be an architect but because I was more creative than scientific, I decided illustration was the path for me.  So in the mid-1980s, I attended Mid-Cheshire School of Art & Design, studied and qualified as a Technical Illustrator.  Part of my course also involved photography, however, I spent the next 16 years working as an illustrator, building up a healthy client base which in turn lead to me doing less illustration and dealing more with clients.  I enjoyed it and wanted to experience more of it.  So in 2005, it seemed natural to combine my love of architecture with people and become an estate agent, what better way to see lots of houses and best of all, I would get to photograph them!

It's unfortunate, but has to be said that the general standard of photography within the UK estate agency industry is more often than not rather poor, something that has always frustrated me.  I can never understand why so many agents are willing to present their clients biggest investments with sub-standard photography.  Presentation is everything!  So, in 2017, seeing the potential to help estate agents improve the way they present property, I decided to start a property photography business.  I could finally combine my love of the creative and technical with my people skills.


So here we are, it's 2022, I've photographed thousands of homes, helping agents stand out from their competition, while hopefully achieving a better price and helping home movers take the next step.  I have a wide range of professional clients including prestigious estate agents, professional landlords and architects.


Above all else, attention to detail (with a smile) is the key feature to my work and personality.

Thank you for reading.  Alex.

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