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It's important that potential buyers are able to focus on your home with minimal distraction.  So help me to help you create a great first impression by following these simple guidelines

  • All rooms

  • dusting and cleaning is good but de-cluttering is the priority

  • check all lamps and light fittings are working - a bright room is a bigger room

  • put shoes and coats away or arrange neatly

  • hide untidy newspapers

  • hide those smartphone chargers

  • open curtains and blinds and try to ensure windows are clean inside and out

  • tidy up childrens toys, pet toys, bowls and litter trays

  • remove rubbish and rubbish bins if possible

  • please try and keep pets and people out of the way

  • Kitchens

  • tidy the kitchen, remove all unnecessary items from counter tops & remove fridge magnets if possible

  • flowers are not essential but please avoid placing large flower bouquets in the centre of the room or on a breakfast island, they often block the view.  A smaller bunch of flowers is preferred

  • Bedrooms

  • please make the beds

  • tidy bedrooms and remove as many clothes as possible from view

  • hide personal effects, such as medicines and paperwork

  • Bathrooms

  • remove personal effects, medicines, razors, shower caps etc

  • hide shower gels, but leave the designer soap dispensers

  • Outside 

  • remove vehicles from driveways and please try to avoid parking directly in front of your house

  • try to hide bins, garden tools, hose pipes and any other clutter around the outside of your home

  • if possible, tidy the garden, mow and edge the lawn

  • remove weeds and leaves if possible

Thank you.  If in doubt, please ask me.

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